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LessonOnCall allows interactive communication between learners and lesson providers

LessonOnCallThe video conferencing platform is now becoming common for online tutoring service to deliver their school curriculum. This medium is especially user friendly and convenient for both teachers – lesson providers and students – learners as it can be delivered instantaneously and in the comfort of your own home.

Learners who struggle in school subjects can now go on a video conferencing platform and start learning online subjects such as Math’s, English, Science and Languages for primary and secondary school students delivered by qualified tutors.

Due to online an online presence, the learners and lesson providers are not restricted to their local area. This also opens up opportunities for delivery of online training courses in regional areas. The added advantage is the convenience of delivering online training courses from a convenient location and suited around your lifestyle.

University graduates can easily benefit by going online and setting up their profile and field of study. This then makes your presence known to the whole wide world and you could be delivering online tutoring service to anyone and anytime.

The video conferencing allows you to upload pictures and documentation that make it easy for learners and have a reference document to work with. Lesson providers can deliver an online math’s lesson with a maximum of 8 students per training session allowing them to maximize their income.

For students, help is at hand and the advantage is being able to ask questions rather than doing a web based pre ordered tutorial. This medium creates a great opportunity to maximize income without having to travel the distance and have access to many students who are struggling in their school curriculum.

The school curriculum can cover a vast majority of subjects at all levels of schooling from primary to secondary schooling. There is an additional incentive for school teachers to continue providing additional study help to students currently enrolled in their respective school or any other schools. Depending on the lesson provider’s availability, the delivery of tutoring services is also available in school holidays and weekends.

The video conferencing platform allows lesson providers to attach various documents as part of their training services; example PowerPoint presentations, pictures, questionnaire, word and excel documents. As students’ progress into advanced years of schooling, the school curriculum gets more demanding and challenging. The online learning courses provide students with better opportunities to choose specialized lesson providers who are experts in their field. Online web learning also provides students other ways to gain knowledge; as the way we all learn is definitely being explored with Internet presence. Learning can now be immediate and interactive with a few clicks on the web pages. This has brought enormous opportunities for student to excel in their studies and for lesson providers to reach out to the wider population.


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