Online Learning Courses Australia

10 Reasons to Hire an Online Tutor

Technology advancement and its rapid continuous development have changed many aspects of human life; from the way people conduct businesses, work place industry, daily activities at home, even education are also affected in many ways.

Distance online learning has become increasingly popular nowadays and many people are enrolling & utilizing online tutoring to learn new skills and knowledge. The Internet era, computer & technology rapid changes have created and offered a lot more options for e-learning which attract more lesson providers/teachers/tutors and learners/students to use online learning in Australia.

Flexibility and Comfort

The virtual learning environment enables both learners and lesson providers that are separated physically by different time and location to meet, communicate, teach and learn online. This offers greater flexibility as they do not need to travel and meet at a certain place face to face. People can learn from the comfort of their own home regardless of their distance and location. It eliminates travel distance and time consumption to travel to the designated class room in school or university. This is a great advantage for those who do not have time to go and attend classes due to their hectic jobs for example.

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is that it can reach any number of people worldwide. Education is now available widely and more affordable.

Focused Learning

Online learning also enables the lesson providers/tutors to focus and target their lesson specifically tailored to certain subject for example a specific language, mathematics, science subject or a computer subject such as basic math for primary school grade 1, 2, 3 or English, French, German language or Microsoft Word, Excel course.

Performance or Grades Improvement

Online tutoring can also be used to improve knowledge and grades. It can be used to complement lessons which are already learned by students during normal school hours or university lectures to get additional help or to improve grades.

It is also being used for home based learning by parents of disabilities children or those that live remotely from schools. They do not have to spend hours to get to school and can access their education from home.

Many employees are also using online learning/tutor to improve their skills or to learn a new skill to improve their qualification for work place.


If you consider that it is one tutor or lesson provider reaching a million people at the same time, online tutoring is a huge cost saver for the education industry. There is no necessity to hire several teachers to reach the same number of students that one can through online tutoring.

The price is very comparable to the more traditional face to face tutoring and online tutoring is much more convenient. Traditional regular tutor will cost quite expensive, and their time is limited. Online tutor will offer cheaper tuition cost and easy access.

Available 24/7

All online learning services offer 24 hours tutoring, learners can ask question directly during the online class or send a message or email the lesson providers when they have any questions or inquiries without having to wait for the next class. The lesson provider can answer the inquiries right away as soon as he read the questions in his email inbox.

Parents are busy

Many parents nowadays are required to work longer hours and both parents are working. They do not have time to teach their children, hence there is an increasing demand to use online tutors to teach their children.

Global and virtual reach

Online tutoring enables the global and virtual reach to lesson providers and learners from other states or countries without classroom boundary, as such this will provide a greater network and greater exposure especially for the lesson providers.

Gain confidence and perform well

Online learning can improve the skills and knowledge for the learners/students as well as employees who are seeking to advance their knowledge.

Review or replay the entire session anytime

Online tutoring materials most of the time is delivered and received in forms of word documents or pdf files that can be download and kept by the learners. For example the lesson could be recorded and sent in an mp3 format that learners could listen to over and over again.


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